ALB is igniting the imaginations of young kids by reading them stories from all over the world and new versions of some of their favorite songs!

Inspired by her daughter and her friends, Christabel launched a story time group called Awesome Little Beings. ALB reads stories with a twist – all selected the stories feature people and cultures from all over the world.

All children deserve to be at the center of the story. The feeling of affirmation is priceless, and it should be something we all take for granted.

Christabel developed a syllabus, based on the work of Dr. Linda Clinard, that promotes Multi Cultural Literacy AND demonstrates how much fun reading can be.

‘What is Multi Cultural Literacy’? Christabel defines it as having the ability to see that all cultures have equal value. And having the ability to celebrate your own culture as well as others. We learn to do this through the images we see in our every day lives – including the books we read. By introducing new books featuring kids from all over the world, ALB is reinforcing the view that being ‘different’ is a matter of perspective; we’re all from somewhere. Sessions also reinforce the view that discovering cultures different to your own is fun.